Digital Learning

Blending, Sona believes, brings out the best in a person. Most of our teaching is like mentoring where our teachers guide in the right direction using the best of technology, creating the ease of learning, and creating an excellent platform for teaching learning.

The Lecture Capturing System (LCS), Blackboard and Microsoft Teams along with the LMS create a single point focus for the effective academic year. Sona invested in this software in 2014 itself & has shown excellent result over the last 6 years. LCS is another world class software which enables class rooms & online to be recorded, edited & stored on a cloud platform. This unique system enables the continuity in education even while the students are not present during the class hours. It is also an excellent platform during revision and tests.

Moodle & MOOC are world class platforms which are India centric & some of the best Institutions like the IITs are using Moodle, MOOC & NPTEL.

digital learning
digital learning
technology learning