anatomy department
Anatomy Laboratory

Department of Anatomy :

Anatomy is the branch of science dealing with the structure of the organism and its parts. It is very important for a medical student to understand the morphology of the human body. This understanding is key to medical practice. ‘Anatomy’ derived from the greek language, “ana,” means “up,” and “tome,” means “a cutting.” Studies of anatomy have traditionally depended on cutting up, or dissection, but now, with imaging technology, it is increasingly possible to see how a body is made up without dissection. Here @ Sona, we try to merge both the methodology to deliver our students the best of everything. Our lab is equipped with models, specimens and a wide area for the students to practically observe and study the organs individually. The students will learn the depth of the subject and will be able to understand the human morphology to the cellular levels.

Department of Physiology 

Physiology is the study about the scientific functions and mechanism in the human body. Understanding of the physiology enables a student to analyze any abnormal functions properly.
bio chemistry lab
Physiology Laboratory
biochemistry lab
Biochemistry Laboratory

Department of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a science dealing with the molecular functions, mechanisms and the chemical interactions of various cells in the human body.  We use innovative teaching methods to enhance the learning of the students. Our Labs are equipped with modern equipment necessary to impart the knowledge to the students.